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The Application and Appeals Process

The Application and Appeals Process

Completing Your Initial Application
You don't have to wait until you've actually been out of work for a full year to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. You can apply as soon as you become disabled. In fact, you can start the process by simply calling the Social Security office nearest you or online. This is the easy part. However, we advise you contact us first because Milam Law can help you from the very beginning and give you an even better chance to win early. You will even pay less in attorney’s fees if you win early. Also, remember Social Security is not your advocate. The process is a legal one, and anything you say or do can be used against you.
The hard part comes in trying to understand the SSA's forms and guidelines for submitting your claim - a fact evidenced by the large number of initial claims denied because of application mistakes, insufficient documentation or the poor presentation of evidence. Often, a key is reporting things directly and in the fewest number of words possible.
Milam Law is committed to helping disabled people in California's Central Valleys obtain the disability benefits they deserve. Simply put, we handle everything - from initial applications to disability appeals in federal court. For a free consultation with an experienced lawyer - call us directly at 877-592-1475 (toll free) or contact us online.
The Disability Appeals Process
Just because your SSD or SSI claim is denied at first, does not mean that you don't have a good claim. It is not the end of the story either. If you have been denied disability benefits by the SSA at the first step of the process, you have the right to appeal that decision. Sometimes it seems as Social Security wants you to give up; rarely do they contact you and encourage you to appeal, as we are advised by our clients. If you give up on a good case, you are only hurting yourself. About 34% win at the first step of the process; Milam Law greatly increases these odds.
I knew a person who kept trying to go back to his job as a truck driver after getting denied by Social Security (3 times). He read the denials and listened when they said he could go back to work. Thereafter, his wife came to me for help. Unfortunately, his last heart attack after returning to work again per Social Security's denials led to his death. It is a horrible story, which I don't want to be yours.
The second part of the process and the first appeal after the initial denial is to file what is known as a "Request for Reconsideration." It must be filed within 60 days (plus 5 mailing days) of the initial denial. Essentially, this step asks the SSA to have someone new look at your file and review the decision. Here, again, most claims are denied. In fact, the national statistics show that only about 13% win at this step annually, although our office statistics greatly surpass this rate.
The third step in the process, and the second appeal filed, appeal to an Administrative Law Judge, or Request for Hearing (ALJ). This represents the first real chance you have to win your claim, provided you're prepared. This is also where founding attorney Jeffrey Milam's experience as an advisor to these judges is especially valuable. For over seven years, he worked with judges at reviewing and developing thousands of claims, as well as drafting decisions and doing legal research for them.
If the ALJ denies your case after a hearing, the next step is to ask the Social Security Administration's Appeals Council, in Falls Church, Virginia, to review your file. This request may lead to the Appeals Council finding the ALJ decision was correct. They may decide the case and approve it themselves. On the other hand, they may send it back down to the ALJ for further review. The attorney's job at this step is to draft a written argument for you saying why the decision written by the ALJ denying you benefits is legally wrong. Mr. Milam used to write these decisions for judges, so he has years of experience in dealing with the breaking down of the decisions, and briefing of arguments to show why the ALJ wrongly denied claimants like you. His percentage of remanded/reversed cases exceeds the national averages for these appeals.
After all the administrative appeal options have been exhausted - it is possible to file a lawsuit in federal district court. This is a difficult process for attorneys, most of whom do not file such appeals. The cases are appealed where there is merit to do so. Milam Law has recently added to the firm an experienced appellate attorney, Tim Wilborn, Esq., "of counsel." He is recognized as a leading Court attorney in Social Security matters and has won many Court cases, even one in the U.S. Supreme Court. He works with our attorneys to prepare our appeals for the Court.


SSD Benefits Delay Attorneys
When you are disabled and need disability benefits to help pay for medical treatment and lost wages, you cannot afford to wait. Lengthy delays can mean losing access to the care you need or can force you to miss crucial monthly payments. Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration (SSA) is a bureaucracy that is well-known for its delays and inefficiencies.
The ones who are truly harmed by the SSA's delays are those who are hurting already. At Milam Law, our firm offers decades of experience in these matters, and is committed to helping people and families throughout California's Central Valley obtain the disability benefits they deserve. We work hard at making the entire process as efficient and timely as possible for our clients.
Never have the delays in the system been more difficult on people, or those who serve them at our office. With fewer programs out there now to assist people who are in crisis, and with our country's economic difficulties, people are hurting more now than ever, based on what we see at Milam Law. Believe us; we hear it all. Often, it is almost impossible to bear the stories we hear. Unfortunately, there are not a great number of ways given by the SSA to claimants or attorneys to effectively deal with the delays, mostly caused by the SSA's lack of resources to handle the massive applications pending. So, these delays are inevitable, no matter what is done or not done by a claimant or attorney, though sometimes they can be shortened somewhat.
At Milam Law, we are fully aware of the short cuts possible, some of which have even just been started at the ODAR level. We will help you pursue valid means of speeding up your case as they arise; however, sometimes it is just applying the elbow grease of getting your appeals filed ASAP. Waiting is an unfortunate byproduct of the system for everyone.
Some of the things you can do, as individuals to speak out and lift your own banner, are age-old remedies. You can, indeed, take action, even though the action may or may not directly benefit you: call or write your Washington D.C. representatives (they serve us); call and write your local SSA offices (we pay their salaries); and call and write media and local advocate groups (they are often there to help you in a variety of ways). At the least, your complaints will help the government understand more the pain you and your family have experienced from the system, and try to come up with more money or insight to speed things up, and take full and fair action for you and/or others down the road. Although SSA funding has been increased over the last few years, there was a bill introduced in Congress in early 2011 to radically reduce its funding right now (this is not the first time, certainly, nor will it be the last time). At Milam Law, we believe this type of thing will get worse until there is a miracle turnaround in our country. Therefore, it is crucial for us all to work together to advocate for the right to be done for us and our country. We do so for you, in many ways, and will continue to ask God to bless our country and its people, especially those we serve.
Perhaps more practically, you can also get paperwork from your doctors, if you so desire. It is important especially to get older medical records, which are relevant. SSA often will not get historical records, even though they may be very relevant. You should try to recall any medical treatment that you had in the past that confirms your diagnoses, which were established before you stopped work, and reports of old surgeries, if you are still having problems at the site of that surgery. These old records may help prove your current problems exist (this is more important to have where you are not now getting [much] care medically for those medical issues). To the degree, you can get old and all your current records early for the SSA, this can speed things up, some, even though there may be some cost in doing so.
Social Security Process Delay Lawyers
During the initial application process of a Social Security claim, it usually takes at least six months to file the claim and get a decision from SSA. If the initial claim is denied, the reconsideration phase may take another four to eight months. The wait to present your case to an administrative law judge (ALJ) can take more than 12 months. If you have to appeal your case to the appeals council in Virginia, it is yet 12 more months, typically, before you get a decision. Then, the fifth and sixth appeals can be in the federal court system, first at a district court, and then at a circuit court. Of course, that takes considerable time as well. By working with an experienced attorney, you can make sure that you are not wasting time. We will fully prepare your claim and present your case to increase the possibility that benefits will be granted. If you are still denied, we will intervene in the appeals process to speed it up as much as possible.


SSD Claim Attorneys
The process of applying for Social Security disability benefits is one that is important to complete correctly — and in a timely fashion. In fact, you don't have to wait until you've actually been out of work for a full year to apply for Social Security disability benefits. It is possible for you to apply as soon as you become disabled. We would advise you, however, to speak with an attorney, early on, because it is in your best interest.
At Milam Law, we handle everything for our clients, from the initial applications to disability appeals in federal court. We are committed to helping individuals throughout California's Central Valley obtain the disability benefits that they deserve. Our attorneys can answer your question, and guide you through the process in a manner that is as efficient and effective as possible.
Social Security Disability Application Lawyers
You can begin the process of filing for Social Security disability benefits by calling the Social Security Administration (SSA) office closest to you — calling the SSA 800 number, going into a local SSA office in person or by going online. By having an attorney on your side from the very beginning, you can give yourself an even better chance to win early. You will also pay less in attorneys’ fees if you win early. We will help decide which way you should file, depending on your unique circumstances.
Trying to understand the SSA's guidelines for submitting a claim, and how to accurately fill out their forms, is not as easy. A large number of initial claims are denied because of application mistakes — insufficient documentation or poor presentation of evidence. The SSA is not your advocate, and anything that you say or do can be used against you.
We can help you report things directly, honestly and on time.


SSD Claim Attorneys
​Even if your initial Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (SSDIB) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claim is denied, that does not mean that you do not have a valid claim. It certainly does not mean that you have to give up either. You have the right to appeal that denied claim, and even though the Social Security Administration (SSA) will rarely contact a denied claimant and encourage them to appeal, you have options under the law.
At Milam Law, our firm is committed to helping people who have been disabled in California's Central Valley. Do not give up on a good case. Our firm can help you pursue an appeal of your denied claim and will use our considerable experience to your benefit. We have helped many people who have felt discouraged by a denied claim increase the odds of being successful.
Social Security Disability Appeal Lawyers
The first step in appealing the initial denial of an SSD or SSI claim is to file what is known as a request for reconsideration. This request must be filed within 60 days, plus five mailing days, of the initial denial. This step essentially asks the SSA to have a different person look at the file and review the decision. Again, in most cases, these claims are denied and, according to national statistics, only about 13 percent of people win at this step. With an experienced attorney, this rate can increase greatly.
If the second appeal is denied, you may appeal to an administrative law judge. If you're prepared for this step, it is the best chance of winning a claim. Attorney Jeffrey Milam has experience as an advisor to these judges and, for more than seven years, he worked at reviewing and developing thousands of claims, as well as drafting decisions and doing legal research for these judges.


Let Our Attorneys Speak for You
Whether you have yet to file your disability claim or have already been denied benefits - how you communicate with the Social Security Administration (SSA) from here on out will likely have a tremendous impact on your chances for future success.
At Milam Law, we can offer you the voice of experience with Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (SSDIB), and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims. Our founding attorney, Jeffrey Milam, has devoted his entire 27-year career to these issues, the first seven of which were spent working as an attorney-advisor to Social Security Administration judges. Our other lawyers have significant experience as well. Together, we will work hard to help you get the benefits you deserve.
Actions, Words and Perceptions
As a general rule, the Social Security Administration will tend to believe its own caseworkers and doctors over anyone making a disability claim. In other words, your interactions, verbal communications and written communications with the agency are likely to be misperceived unless you are extremely careful.
For instance, suppose you have been asked to meet with an SSA doctor for an exam. Your first instinct might naturally be to show up looking your best. After all, you are meeting someone for the first time. Unfortunately, if you rest so you are at your best that day, you are hurting your own claim. As is the case with your own doctor visits, you need to present your normal-to-worst day to them. The doctors need to see your symptoms and signs the way they usually are. Many clients make this mistake. In this example, we would also recommend that you bring someone to witness the exam as well and take them into the exam room with you. We offer you a form to fill out right after the exam happens so that if the Social Security doctor misreports what he or she did, or what they saw or heard, there is a record of it.
To be clear, we are in no way suggesting anything dishonest. However, just telling the truth to those few questions the doctors ask is often not good enough when it comes to a large bureaucratic institution such as the SSA. Instead, you have to be able to tell the truth in such a way that it will be correctly perceived. Through years of practice and experience with Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income claims, our attorneys understand that skill which we will pass along to you where possible, if needed.


Administrative Law Judge Lawyers
If you have had your initial claim for Social Security benefits denied, the next step of the process following the request for reconsideration is a hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ). This disability hearing will be the first chance for you to communicate in person to someone with direct impact over the final ruling on your case. Given the length of time that one can wait for a hearing and the stakes of the outcome, it is easy to feel stress and apprehension.
At Milam Law, we know how ALJ disability hearings can make our clients feel. We also understand how important these hearings are and how critical it is to present your case correctly and strongly. Our attorneys will prepare you for what kinds of questions you will likely be asked, and help eliminate the number of surprises that you will face at your hearing. We are amazed at Milam Law how often claimants have come to our office after losing a claim following a hearing where they had a representative but did not get much or any preparation for testifying at a hearing. That will not be the case for you at Milam Law, as we do several things to prepare you for the hearing.
The Fresno ODAR has, for some years, been among the lowest paying hearing offices in the country. Mr. Milam worked for Fresno's ODAR for more than seven years in the 1980s. At Milam Law, we believe you need to have an attorney who will fight for you and not give up for whatever reason because of conservative judges. You need an attorney, especially if you are dealing with a conservative ALJ, who knows how to set up appealable issues in case you are denied. Of course, your attorney also needs to know how to set out the truth of your case to give you the best chance to win at the hearing level — no matter the circumstances facing you.
ALJ Disability Hearing Attorneys
At the ALJ hearing, you will likely be asked questions about your work history, the different jobs that you have held in your life, the doctors you have seen, the treatments you are getting and the way that your disabilities limit you. It is important to answer these questions honestly and completely.
We will make sure that you are prepared. We will send you a thorough form of the questions to expect so that you can feel comfortable. Our firm will also review your answers and advise you when any changes need to be made to completely and openly set out the truth. We will also practice your answers with you prior to the hearing.


An Opportunity to Win at the Administrative Level
The disability hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) is the third step of the process (following second appeal or the "request for reconsideration") and the first chance for you to communicate in person to someone who has the ability to make a final ruling on your case.
For many people, however, the time leading up to this hearing and the actual disability hearing itself are the most stressful parts of the entire process. The wait time at Social Security for the hearing after you appeal can take from 8 to 16 months in California. [In many hearing offices in the United States it is even a longer wait, sometimes twice as long.]
At Milam Law, we understand your apprehension and how daunting the prospect of having to talk at length about your disability with a complete stranger during an "official" proceeding can seem. We also understand the real opportunity this hearing presents to you and how very critical it is to you, especially after the long wait before you see the ALJ. In addition, while we may not be able to make it completely effortless for you to talk about how your disability has changed your life - our lawyers can make certain that you walk into that hearing ready to answer the kinds of questions you'll likely be asked. It will be easier or at least less surprising for you with our help.
If you are anywhere in California's Central Valleys, from Bakersfield to Sacramento and have been denied disability benefits - call or contact us for a free consultation regarding your SSD or SSI claim.

What to Expect at Your Disability Hearing
The ALJ hearing is actually a fairly informal meeting, and not in your typical, intimidating courtroom, and with only 4 to 5 people in attendance. Most hearings take place in a small conference room at the nearest Social Security office where the judges work, or Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) (although they can take place at other locations too). Usually, the only people present will be the claimant, the claimant's attorney (if they have one), the Administrative Law Judge, a work expert, and a hearing reporter. Claimants are also allowed to bring witnesses.
Occasionally, the SSA will also have a medical expert to testify on its behalf. When this is going to happen, you will be notified. It is yet another reason you should seriously consider hiring a lawyer if you don't already have one. Also, the work or vocational experts who sometimes come to hearings for ALJs bring a great deal of technical application to the hearing and it is very important to have an attorney experienced in dealing with these experts.
During the hearing, there will be questions about your work history, the different jobs you've had, the doctors you've seen, any treatments you are getting, the way the disabilities limit you, and so forth. How you answer these questions is important. Our job is to make sure that you're prepared; we do this in several ways. First, we send you a thorough form of the questions to expect in a normal hearing, so you can work on your responses as much as you like. We believe few if any offices do this in the area. Then, we review your answers on the forms and advise you of needed changes. Finally, we conference with you and practice your answers with you to the degree necessary to make you comfortable.
Do not find yourself with an attorney who shows up 5 minutes before hearing, not having given you any preparation for the hearing. Further, do not find yourself going into court with an attorney from an office where you have never seen or spoken to the attorney representing you until the day of the hearing. The best procedure is to have an attorney who both helps you early by giving you a set of questions to work on for your testimony, and then goes over your answers with you before you are about to go into the court room. Many clients have come into a Milam Law office for another appeal, often after much damage has occurred in their case, because their attorneys never prepared them for the hearing.


Social Security Disability Lawyers
Hearings for Social Security claimants often take more than a year to conclude, from the date you file your request for hearing to the date you get a decision. The wait is often very difficult. The way in which you prepare during that wait is critical. It is important to have an attorney who obtains records which the Social Security Administration (SSA) failed to get at the first two steps. It is also important to start getting the tests, exams and opinions, which you failed to get, to date. Finally, it is important to fully prepare as a witness for your hearing, and begin to prepare any additional witnesses who might testify. As a general rule, testimony must be short and specific, and openly and honestly presented. Your appearance and manner are also important. You need an attorney who will explain those things to you. And you need someone with local experience, or good connections, at least, who can tell you the likes and dislikes of the particular judge assigned to your case.
Everyone feels even more stressed at a hearing. During a time of great stress, it is important to see that things move along as quickly and efficiently as possible, in addition to your preparation for the big hearing date. If you are disabled and you must face an administrative law judge (ALJ) hearing in California, it may be in your best interest to attempt to get an early decision under the current and new procedures at ODAR. This is available infrequently and often only when an ODAR official decides to do so. Occasionally, this can happen if you have been evicted from your home (or are about to be evicted), you are terminally ill and/or need immediate medical insurance help, or have other dire need circumstances.
Our help for you is NOT limited to the primary ODARs we work with, in Sacramento, Stockton and Fresno. We also regularly assist claimants at hearings or elsewhere in the process from the ODARs at San Rafael, San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. When our clients move to other areas, we often serve them wherever they end up; people feel more comfortable to have us do that. We can meet with you, when necessary, near where you live, and have several satellite offices we use to do the same. We also have handled hearings, on occasion, in San Diego, Los Angeles area ODARs, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Redding and elsewhere. This service does NOT cost you anything "extra" for expenses; we absorb those expenses ourselves.
We often get referrals from past clients whom we helped move into different parts of the state or know people in different parts of the state or country. We appreciate and take extra pride in having people call us from different parts of the state and country for this reason. We typically help those referrals when they call us. In the "Internet age," we also get many people who ask us to help because they can connect to us based on what they read about us, in comparison with other attorneys' sites. We also try to accommodate those people whenever we can.
Our attorneys will go to offices in many parts of the country to where our clients moved, and have often accepted referrals calling us in many parts of our great nation. We regularly have traveled to Richmond, Virginia, Mr. Milam's home state, throughout many years. We have done hearings in several states, including the following: several Nevada sites, especially Reno (one attorney lives in Grass Valley, CA); Oregon ODARs, including Portland and Eugene; Seattle and Spokane offices in Washington; Dallas, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Augusta, Georgia; Norfolk, Virginia; Memphis, Tennessee; Cleveland, Ohio and; Minneapolis, Minnesota. OF COURSE, we always take any clients 'stranded' anywhere on the Hawaiian Islands. We will travel to you if you have a valid case, and have heard about us and want our help. This is done WITHOUT ANY extra expense to you. Social Security is a national system, so an attorney from California can do a case in any state or province which covers Social Security disability benefits. When we go into states we are not familiar with, we seek the counsel of local attorneys to find out any nuance we would not otherwise know about. We always make it a point to meet with you personally BEFORE court hearings as well, so that all important personal touch is done.
At Milam Law, our Social Security disability lawyers may be able to expedite your appeals hearing based upon your particular circumstances. Since it can take so long to get a hearing before an ALJ, our firm is well aware of the need for getting some cases considered earlier. We can help you file a claim and take the necessary steps toward getting the benefits you deserve. Most importantly, we will help prepare you for the best chance to win when you get your hearing.
ALJ Hearing Attorneys
If your case is one of dire need, our attorneys can prepare a dire need memorandum that will explain your circumstances and request an early review of your case. In some cases, it may even be possible to ask for an on-the-record decision, which is a decision that is made without appearing before a judge.
If your initial application has been denied, and you need to go before an ALJ hearing, contact us first and make sure that you exhaust all of your options for getting the benefits you deserve.


Physical Disability Attorneys — Listings of Impairments
​The Social Security Administration's (SSA) Listing of Impairments describes conditions and injuries that are considered severe enough that they would prevent a person from doing any gainful activity. Most of the impairments that are listed are permanent — or are expected to result in death — and have caused extremely limiting features consistent with the impairment involved. If evidence can be documented and presented to the SSA, to match up with the requirements of any specific listing, you can win preemptively, without even having to consider your past relevant work or whether you can do other jobs.
If the evidence "meets or equals" the requirements of any listing, you win. However, the evidence needed can be very technical, and Milam Law will review the facts of your disability and try to enlist the help of your doctor to properly substantiate the medical evidence needed by testing and reporting your medical records. To win under a listing can also speed up a favorable decision being issued. The criteria in the listing are applicable to the evaluation of claims for disability benefits under both the Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (SSDIB) program or payments under the Supplement Security Income (SSI) program. Often, these are very complex medical/legal issues, and it takes an experienced attorney with good perception to often see where and how things fit together in order to pursue, and then present, such evidence and argument. It also often takes instruction from the attorney to the client, so that you can go out and obtain certain medical tests or procedures to help cement the legal argument to the SSA in a winning package.
At Milam Law, we handle everything for our clients, from the initial applications to disability appeals in federal court. We are committed to helping individuals throughout California's Central Valley obtain the disability benefits that they deserve. Our attorneys can answer your questions, and guide you through the process in a manner that is as efficient and effective as possible.
SSD Impairment Lawyers
The Listing of Impairments includes disorders and conditions affecting the:
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Special senses and speech
  • Respiratory system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Digestive system
  • Genitourinary impairments
  • Hematological disorders
  • Skin disorders​
  • Endocrine system
  • Impairments that affect multiple body systems
  • Neurological
  • Mental disorders
We can help you understand the criteria for these specific laws. More importantly, we can anticipate the things needed to help you win under these listings, if possible, and help you to obtain and present the medical evidence essential to do so. If your disability falls under the SSA's Listing of Impairments, and meets the time requirements, you will get the benefits that you deserve.


SSD and Taxes Lawyers
Some people who are receiving disability benefits are surprised to find that, after filing an income tax return, their Social Security benefits are taxable. Since the benefit is taxable, there may not have been enough tax withheld throughout the year, which not only requires that the person pay taxes before April 15th, but can also cause a penalty for the underpayment of tax.
Knowing your rights regarding income taxes, FICA withholding and Social Security disability benefits is crucial and can save you money in the long run. By consulting with an experienced tax attorney, you can feel confident about making the right decisions. Milam Law does not take these types of tax cases, as we do disability cases only.
FICA Withholding Attorneys
​There are four ways that a person can deal with the possible underpayment of SSD taxes to make sure that there is no underpayment penalty:
1.    Estimate tax payment: While this isn't the same as withholding, it serves the same purpose. Payments can be made throughout the year, often in equal amounts, that will take care of any taxes.
2.    Withhold from an IRA distribution: When you take a distribution from your IRA or 401(k), you have the option of having someone report and withhold taxes. Whether you do it all at once or in monthly distributions, the withholding is counted.
3.    Withhold from other income: You can have tax withheld from many other sources of income. These sources can be set up with tax being withheld throughout the week. This is done by filling out a W-4 for pensions, and you can set the amount of withholding to what makes sense for your situation.
4.    Withholding from Social Security benefit: You can set up your SSD payments to have tax withheld from each one.


California Social Security Disability Appeals
A denied Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (SSDIB) claim, even at the administrative law judge (ALJ) hearing level, does not mean your claim is over. There are still further SSD appeal options after this, including asking the SSD Appeals Council to review your file. Having an experienced SSD attorney help you with your claim every step of the way is critical to its success.
The California SSD appeals attorneys at Milam Law will help you present your case to the Social Security Administration in the most compelling light possible. We have significant experience handling SSD claims and appeals for clients from the Sacramento and Fresno areas as well as throughout California. There are few law firms like ours in the area that are focused exclusively on Social Security law. Milam Law has extensive experience helping clients with SSD claims at every stage of the process, from the initial application to appeals in federal district and circuit courts.
Our attorneys and staff are available to answer your questions and concerns by phone, e-mail or face to face. Contact us online or by telephone at 877-592-1475 to speak with an experienced Social Security Disability Appeals Council lawyer.
Asking the SSD Appeals Council to Review Your Claim
If you have been denied after the initial appeal (request for consideration) and the ALJ has denied your case after the hearing, the next step is to ask the Social Security Administration's Appeals Council, in Falls Church, Virginia, to review your file. The Appeals Council can:
  • Review your file and find the ALJ decision was correct
  • Decide the case and approve it
  • Send it back down to the ALJ for further review
Our skilled attorneys can draft a written memorandum for you explaining why the ALJ's denial of your claim is legally wrong. Attorney Jeffrey Milam has many years of experience with this as he used to write these decisions for judges. Mr. Milam wrote decisions for judges for 7 years (1983-90), so he is able to review and draft written arguments to overturn denials from judges with this significant prior and foundational experience from inside the government.
Contact Milam Law Today
For more information about Milam Law and how we can further your claim, contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. We have four California offices, including Fresno, Sacramento, Modesto and Grass Valley. Call us toll free at 877-592-1475.